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Find out more about how we used Human Centered Design to create nguồn gốc. 

Our Research

By: Shannon Randolph, Laura Zhang, Lena Tran, Kimberley Ha, and Mai Nguyen

April 2019

Can’t bear it! Employing Culturally Sensitive Initiatives to Reduce Bear Bile Demand in Northern Vietnam

By: Shannon Randolph, Alicia Ngo, Mai Nguyen 

January 2020

A continuation of the previous article, this paper dives deeper into the recipe book prototype developed through the Human Centered Design process. 

ArcGis Story Map

By: Allison Joseph, Nikki Quesada 

January 2020

Using the visual storytelling tool of ArcGIs, this story map provides a closer look into our research process and journey.


The overarching goal of this research was to explore the intersections between individual health perceptions, practices, and motives, and the most culturally appropriate means to change practices of key bear bile consuming groups.

Health Preferences and Culturally Appropriate Strategies to Reduce Bear Bile Demand in Northern Vietnam

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