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We are happy to introduce you the people and organizations that brought this project to life.

The Hive

Project Leader: Dr. Shannon Randolph, PhD, Director of Community and Global Engagement at the Hive

Animals Asia

Project Leaders: Tuan Bendixsen, PhD, Vietnam Country Director at Animals Asia 

Trinh Thuy Phan, Vietnam Head of Communications and Public Awareness at Animals Asia

Summer 2018

Research Assistants Hive: Kimberly Ha, Lena-Phuong Tran and Laura Zhang


Research Assistant AA: Hong Anh and Phuong Anh

Summer 2019

Research Assistants Hive: Alicia Ngo and Mai Nguyen

Research Assistants AA: Tran Thu Huong, Dao Huyen Trang, Cao Thị Minh Anh, Chu Tuấn Anh, Nguyễn Hai Anh, Nguyễn Thuý Quỳnh 

Weekend Market
Summer 2020

Research Assistants Hive: Sabrina Lieu, Olivia Hewitt, Samantha Quach and Allison Joseph

Research Assistant AA: Huong Nguyen 

Fall 2020

Research Assistants Hive: Allison Joseph and Nikki de Quesada

Spring 2021

Research Assistants Hive: Allison Joseph, Nikki de Quesada and Alicia Ngo

Spring 2022

Research Assistants Hive: Ajitha Anand, Haley Kirtland, Irene Zhen, Katja Reich

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